Sunday, April 02, 2006

Restaurant eating in Poitiers

Leon and I went to Poitiers, France a few weekends ago. While the town is charming, quaint and full of old shit (there're about six ancient and crumbling churches alone) it is very small and we really didn't need a whole weekend to experience it.

Our first dinner in France we ate at a local restaurant that was delicious, but in my mind, unremarkable. Nothing too exciting or scintillating here but everything well presented and flavours well balanced. I can't even remember the name, Alain ...something (not Ducasse), within walking distance of Le Grand Hotel (The Big Hotel) in town. We chose the set menu of E32.

Sorry for the crap layout, but I'm clueless when it comes to these HTML thingamies.

A happy smiley Leon with our first plate of French food in France.

Home-made pate with crispbread

Scallop hearts with endive

Pan-fried whole frog with white-wine reduction

Beef with parsnip souffle

Venison with offal and berry flavoured jus

Almond ice-cream, chocolate truffle loaflet, pear and ginger sorbet, rasberry coulis

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