Monday, April 24, 2006


British pork is very tasty. The take pride in their pork, to the extent that named pigs are now the feature in the top restaurants, "Today's pork chops are from Rosalie. She's a duffel-coated black spot pig raised on acorns and olive oil in the wilds of Surrey." Well, not quite, I exagerate.

But another pang of homesickness made me create these dishes of my family.

Steamed pork mince with pickled cabbage (tung choy)
- I flavoured this also with white pepper, shao xing rice wine, ginger and garlic

Stir fried pork with spicy ham choy

Snake bean omelette.


Chris Martini said...

Nice. We have an S&M cafe here in Angel too. Love it!

David said...

Welcome Chris. I have to eat there again - I feel the call of the sausage.

Sam said...

The graininess of your photos make the food look kinda icky pants.

Still.. mmm... sausage and mash...

umami said...

That's what my mum said when she visited us in London during our student days.

Unlike other mums who make chicken curry or homesick asian food, well, my mum slaps some pork chops on the grill pan and calls that dinner. Great stuff.

David said...

Umami, is that why you're now compensating for all those years of neglected domestic godmotherhood? :-)

bottlefly said...

Two months after reading this, I finally braved the handling of British pork! Thanks for the (somewhat) delayed inspiration.

Next, I aim to visit Cannes and harass dishy waiters... ;)