Saturday, April 07, 2007

Yai Thai

Wednesday night, 21-Feb-07, Sydney. Lower Bourke St.

It's my first night in Sydney. James and I go for dinner seeking the Thai that Sydney's known for.

We walk up for a table. The restaurant is busy, but not stupidly so. We sit in the patio with wide open glass doors. There's that summer night breeze blowing through Surry Hills cooling the outdoor dining area.

We have:
Massaman beef curry
Banana flower salad with fresh coconut cream
Stuffed chicken wing

The salad has a spicy and sweet bean sauce - all very delicious. The total for dinner came to $22 a head.

I just marvel at how such a wonderful dining experience could was so easily achieved. A place like this in London would have been packed out and booked in advance for ages; not to mention cost the earth.

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