Saturday, April 07, 2007

Simply Paris (in Wellington)

Upper Cuba St, 20-Feb-07

J'ai venu ici de d'obtenir un petit chose d'Europe; un souvenir quands je suis resté là - avant Singapour. C'est assez nostalgie maintenant; plus sentimentale.

I come here to get a fix of Europe; a reminder, a souvenir of my time before Singapore. It's nostalgic now; sentimental, as time soothes the rough edges and I view the past through Vaselined lenses.

I recall Leon and I discovering the Old World together with our virgin Antipodean eyes. We learned what the weight of history does to a city and its people: good and bad.

It's not suprising that the service here is slow dolorous - it is, after all, staffed by genuine French girls. But her charming smile, cute French accent and good looks make me forgive all. The venue is populated by middle-aged women who have, more likely than not, been to France or Europe for a holiday and loved the elegance of it all. They're the ones who like Opera - not because of the art - but because of the kinds of people that go to Opera.

The food is good, the pastries quite incredible. It's nice to have this sort of thing in Wellington

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