Monday, April 25, 2005

Bf Cooks - Enoki Mushrooms Wrapped in Prosciutto

Bf can cook too. He made me a delicious snack (we love snacks) the other day. Enoki mushrooms wrapped in prosciutto, flash-fried briefly to crispen the ham and then served immediately hot.

This is a very pungent dish, very salty and full of cured-prosciutto ham flavour. The enoki mushrooms are very mild but provide a silky delicateness in texture.

I remember when he first made me this dish. We had only started going out and it was one of those days when I had spent all day at uni writing the thesis. I was tired, had eaten my reheated leftovers (I had started taking dinner to uni because then I could just reheat, eat and then continue back writing - I also had no income at this stage because my scholarship had run out) and was generally feeling down.

I had come home earlier than I had expected because I cut short my gym workout and brought some work home. Bf got into a cute fluster as I came through the door, "No no no! You're home early! It's not ready, it's not ready!" So adorable. I peered over at the kitchen bench, I could see neat little rolls of something but he whisked them out of my sight and into the frying pan. The aroma of frying prosciutto ham filled the air and when they were served, these adorable parcels made me fall all the more in love with him.

When he said he was making a snack, I thought maybe peanut butter on toast, or maybe an omelette or something similar; I was blown away by this. Some prefer flowers or chocolate - I guess enoki mushrooms wrapped in prosciutto do it for me.


susan said...

aw dude thats so sweet

David said...

Thanks Susan, welcome to my blog. He is a little sweetie (when he's not grumpy, and even then he's still a bit cute).