Saturday, October 23, 2004

I made - Apple Pie

Feeling fluey, feeling in need of mothering: I made an apple pie. I have pastry-phobia, so I went to the supermarket to buy some ready made sweet shortcrust pastry, but there wasn't any! I didn't want to use quiche pastry, so I gritted my teeth and made my own: vegetable shortening and butter, รก la Delia Smith, but with added sugar for extra sweetness.

It turned out reasonably well. Very home-made looking as you can see from the pictures, but that's because I am rolling-pin disabled. I had also put too much nutmeg and mace in, whilst trying to substitute for a lack of allspice, so it was a little too nutmeggy. I made a custard to go with it, White Wings I'm afraid, but that was because we didn't have any eggs - not that I would have made a traditional custard anyway. How horrible, I hear you say, and he calls himself a cook/foodie? No eggs, no allspice, what is in that ill-stocked pantry of his? Ummm...corned beef (lite), over-ripe bananas (for Thai banana paste - really!), two-week old fish curry and pickled cabbage.

The bf liked it though, so I'm pleased. I think it tastes good too; albeit very filling, I blame it on the shortening. Think of it as homestyle, rustic even, and healing. Healing apple pie - I like the sound of that.

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