Friday, February 16, 2007

Serendipitous Soya

One of the suprising and very pleasant things I've discovered about eating in Singapore is that the humble tofufa man, ubiquitous at every street corner in Malaysia in his sweaty t-shirt and droopy moustache, has evolved into an equally ubiquitous soyabean derived product shop at every shopping mall and air conditioned venue. Usually the full survey of soya products: soya bean milk, soya bean curd, etc. together with grass and almond jellies are for sale at very reasonable prices - usually $1.50 or so.

Most of the time they also vend pancake goodies - stuffed with roasted chopped peanuts, red bean paste or even cream cheese. I told Leon how I've been having tofufa almost everyday; to which he said, "YUK!". It's not exactly his favourite food. My flatmate Pat remarked in hushed-trying-not-to-offend-tones upon trying some once, "Umm...David, it's really...bland."

But I like this new development in Singapore.

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