Friday, September 15, 2006

An interview: Me on Food and Science

I was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 5 as part of some publicity surrounding a talk I did at the Dana Centre about some science behind food and cooking.

My friend Tim kindly re-recorded it for me:


Sam said...

What time was this interview again?

Molecular gastronomy sounds like fun -- though you'd be an annoying guest everytime you ate something, as you'd constantly be Nerd Speaking about the molecules etc.

Yum yums.

Sam said...

Ooh, how'd the presentation go? Wish I was there! The food looks fabulous!

David said...

I can de-nerdify myself when the occasion demands it, thank you very much :-) The interview was broadcast at 0450 in the morning. This journalist heard it and wants to interview me to write an article, but we'll see what happens.

The public talk went well, lots and lots of questions. Some very strange ones like, "My husband, his brother and two of their friends really really hate cucumbers. Is there a reason?"

I told her that perhaps they've had a bad experience with cucumbers and that tasting food also has to do with our memories of the food, not only with the flavour and scent molecules.