Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Le Domino in Cannes, France

Le Domino Restaurant - 7 rue du Pré - 06400 Cannes, +33 492 980 787

Prix fixe: €13.90, two courses.

Wandering along the streets of old Cannes looking for where the locales eat, we stumble across what must be the only gay run restaurant in town. Perhaps this subtle attractive force could be a new fundamental one - mediated by the homon force-particle? We walk up another one of those charmant winding streets in the suquet to find the only cafe amongst four with bustling tables. Two 40+ trim men with tight cotton t-shirts, identical cargo shorts and military-style haircuts natter away to their customers whilst taking orders. One spots us and cheekily quips, "Depechez-vous vous asseoir, uh! (Hurry up and sit down, you two!)" The food is a good price and of good quality - good value compared to 'film festival prices' down on the Croisette. It's so easy to serve fantastic food when you have great ingredients - decent produce, treated well. I chose a mignon de porc avec sauce miel (pork eye-fillet with honey sauce) and a tarte aux fraises (strawberry tarte). This was cooked well, without ostentation and good value.


Throughout the meal I tried to gather evidence, for I wasn't quite 100% sure, that our hosts were indeed Friends of Dorothy. I decided definitely when Monsieur Un came over and pretended to do a little striptease with his cargo short on the front step to his customers. They pegged us too as Monsieur Deux bustled around and dropped a grand wicker basket of gay-club flyers and other community information declaring in hushed tones, "I'll give you some addresses to go out to, ok?"

It felt so welcoming to find 'instant' community. I've never encountered such warmth from gays before. As their friends and acquaintances arrived, we were introduced to his 'sister' and his 'aunt'. A painter friend asked if I would pose nude for him "or even in your underwear will be ok, no?" Flattered, I didn't think I had the time and politely declined.


no milk said...

i think it's much tougher to understand whether people from other cultures are gay because some of the key indicators like grooming and culture are more prevalent there. glad you were able to find some instant culture, it is our community that we cling to and accepts us ultimately.

Puspha said...

Just stumbled upon ur blog. Cool blog u have here.

David said...

Thanks Paul - there used to be a TV show Eurotrash hosted by Jean-Paul Gaultier and one of the segments had pictures of random men on the street and you had to pick if they were Gay or just Eurotrash based on their clothes.

But yes, European men are so well-groomed and cultured compared to British counterparts. And the Germans have this uncanny eye-contact thing; every German guy I've met I've thought was keen on me but always turns out that's just how they interact with everyone.

Welcome Puspha, hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

yes i have been to this restaurant those guys are so great and the food is simple but good and the price very light
very typical from south of france