Monday, July 11, 2005

The latest Beijing food posts


Le Quai - Chinese cuisine with French influences

Imperial style cuisine

Lunch on Wed 8/6/05

Beijing Roast Duck Dinner (Peking Duck in Peking)


tytty said...

ah, just feel like heading to Malaysia or China and have a pau feast ..

tytty said...

i just spent some time reading your previous posts and instead of leaving comments here and there, i will just put em all here. (-:

hate Tak Kee mainly coz the waiters were so rude. friend slammed a 5 cent tip down at the cashier counter; yes, we were not pleased at all. i think it's good to have loud chinese middle aged malaysians around at times like this.

your christmas hamper looks awesome. gonna try the spice cake but also tempted to make (or buy from pyrmont mkt) fruit cakes and let them aged til christmas gets here. i love fruit cake!

chee cheong fun would be good now .. drool .. your next trip to malaysia, do let me recommend you a place of the best ccf ever!

great blog (-:

Anonymous said...

Dear God, don't ever read this when you're at work sitting hungry. I can't wait til lunchtime.