Monday, June 06, 2005

Holiday: Dinner - Day One

And here's what I had for dinner.


Tseen said...

heya! once again, your photos make my stomach growl at inappropriate times...

hope you're having a great old time 'back home'.

simon choo is also in malaysia (penang, I think) at the moment. must be the time of year for the exodus. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday in good old Malaysia. I am looking forward to your China stories.

Alice said...


Are you still on vacation? I was wondering if you would like to join me on a meme called The Cook Next Door. Check it out here... Will you leave me a comment with whether you will or won't be able to participate?

Thanks so much!

David said...

Hey Tseen, Umami and Alice,

The stories are slowly appearing and will be complete within a couple of weeks.

Thanks for participating in the food meme Umami!