Monday, May 30, 2005

Some random photos

Some photos that were lying around my hard drive. I thought these looked pretty.

Pomegranate seeds

It's no longer pomegranate season, but I indulged and bought two whole pomegranates, juiced them and made some pomegranate agar with some grenadine. Bf said it was only just palatable with a large dollop of double cream. I tended to agree. But they do look pretty - like sticky jewels.

Roasting peppers

Apparently this is how Nadine Abensur first introduced the British public to roasted peppers. She describes their wide-eyed wonder when she put a whole pepper on top of a gas burner to roast. It works quite well, but I think next time I will just buy roasted peppers.

King Island Roquefort-style blue cheese

They've finally been approved to import the mould into Australia and this was on sale at the Blackwattle Deli. This is a very creamy and aromatic blue cheese. Quite sweet and not sharp at all. Best to cut this when chilled slightly otherwise the inside just looks like a rotten sweaty stinky mess.

Rempah for chicken curry

I made a rempah for chicken curry as I was feeling homesick. This recipe calls for several large onions blended with a small amount of water which is then fried till most of the water evaporates and the oil starts to show again. I then add curry powder (Bird brand from Malaysia), some roasted spices (in this case cardamon, fennelseed and cinnamon), squashed cloves of garlic and a fresh paste made from ginger and rehydrated dried chillies. The mixture is slowly fried over low-heat and oil added occassionally until it reaches this golden colour.

This paste is suitable for most meats except seafood. Seafood curry pastes need fenugreek and a slightly more aromatic lemony tang to them, e.g. from lemongrass or fresh curry leaves. All you need to do now is to add chicken and some water then simmer until cooked through. A can-ful of coconut milk or cream (depending on how rich you like your curry) stirred through at the last minute is everything else you need to add for a rich satisfying Malaysian-style curry like my mum makes. Sometimes people like to put some roasted belachan into the paste - it definitely makes it a lot more aromatic that way (I love belachan), but I didn't have any on hand, and I didn't want to stink up the house either.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carpal Fish, the cheese sure looked good, if you cut it like that just have to wait for it to soften and then you can scoop it out with a spoon,hehe.


David said...

Hi Umami,

It's FAR too rich and stinky to be eaten on its own. A little smear on a cracker or spread on a salad sandwich is all I can take of this.

If you are in Sydney, you must check out the Simon Johnson fromagerie in Pyrmont. You can smell the cheese from outside on the street before you walk into the cold room.

Alice said...

These are really neat pictures!

David said...

Thanks Alice!

Clare Eats said...

I like belacan to, I got into trouble for toasting some as I was told "I Stank out the house" but he liked the prawns I made!

veruca salt said...

hey b1.

i like this site.. its inspiring to read and love your pomegranate piccy. U should look into food photography ..