Thursday, November 04, 2004

Nana Diver’s Double Chocolate-Chip Supa Chunk Great Tasting

Great tasting what? You might asking yourself. What has Nana Diver made in her kitchen? The title leaves you guessing, doesn’t it? Great tasting disappointment is what it was. This is one of those chocolate chip cookies from a vending machine aka “fatbox”. I had just finished a rather gruelling step aerobics workout and needed a sugar fix in order to continue functioning. I was craving a Cookie Time cookie but I could only find Nana Diver’s bakery product.

Needless to say, it was a profound letdown. For 22g of fat, I had expected something tastier. I found one double-chocolate-chip-supa-chunk in my cookie, and it wasn’t even that “supa-” sized. The biscuit was crumbly, sweet but tasteless and there was no aroma to speak of. Quite a let down, but I should have known and read the label. It doesn’t even declare itself to be a cookie!

I want my Cookie Time. I didn’t know it was a New Zealand phenomenon, but I guess the best things come from NZ, like me.


Anonymous said...

Frankly...i am shocked and appalled that u openly bag a nana diver "super chunk" cookie.

I am currently on the "chunk Diet" which consists of 3 to 4 Nana Diver "super chunk" cookies a day.

for breakfast, i chuck a chunk in the blender for a quick on the run chunk fix.

for lunch, i just get my chunk on straight out of the wraper you know. start craving the chunk at about 1ish.

Finally for dinner, i sit down with the family and have a chunk on a plate and eat it with a knife and a fork, you know, gotta be civilized.

In requard to the comment on the choc distribution throughout the chunk cookie, i must say that u cannot judge the chunk, or nana diver infact, on one super chunk cookie. many must be consumed to determine the average proportion of choc chunks within the chunk cookie. its simple statistics my friend.

Yours sincerly,
Nana D

Anonymous said...

its time to chunk up

Anonymous said...

right on, nan!!
ur words inspired me to go buy my first chunk...
and i gotta say, it was simply delish!
keep on bakin that supa supa chunky "cookie"!im hooked.
whats the time?by my watch,its chunk time!

Anonymous said...

My chunk experience was one of happiness and woe. I love the chunky taste, I loath the chunk hitting the stomach and giving me gas. Super chunk equals super gas!